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At the same time, the program has many effects for background processing, such as reverse, normalization and a number of others. A pleasant feature of the program is mutual compatibility with the desktop version of the Audio Evolution program. At the same time, you will be able to export your projects on separate tracks, alternately performing rendering for each of them. In general, the program Audio Evolution Mobile has all the functionality necessary for the full recording and processing of audio on Android, and thanks to a large number of additional tools, such as a MIDI sequencer, unlocked for purchases inside the application — your capabilities will become even more extensive.

Note that the application can only work in landscape mode. Attempts to change the orientation of the screen, including with the help of additional software, can lead to application failures. And what if we tell you that there is an opportunity to make an audio recording studio out of your gadget on the Android platform?

The truth is, it sounds very tempting, is not it? You really have this opportunity. All you need is download and install this application.

GarageBand for Android (APK) – Best Alternatives

From other similar programs, J4T Multitrack Recorder is different with its cool ability to record several audio tracks at once. The savviest understood this, still only reading the title, probably. So, we have 4 tracks at our disposal. In each of them, you can write the voice of the vocalist, the sound of absolutely any musical instruments, and, in general, everything that fluctuates the air in the range we hear. Thus, you are completely capable of recording a cool song alone playing each of the parts yourself and performing vocals.

It is clear that the sound will not be as good as in a specialized recording studio, but you can get as close to it using different isolation and quality instruments. This application is most useful for beginning talented people, who are often called — people-orchestras.

GarageBand for Android APK Download – Best Alternatives !!

And also J4T Multitrack Recorder will be interesting for musicians who like to mix ready-made tracks. After you finish work on another masterpiece, you can, without problems, save it in wav or mp3 format. The functional of the program will please you: To run the application you will need a version of Android 2. G-Stomper Studio is an application for creating electronic music and sounds using a synthesizer and sequencer.

GarageBand for Android (APK) Download : Best Alternatives

Another program for creative people who see their device not as a game console, but as a device with great capabilities. In the program, you will find a large number of filters, a huge library of effects and tracks, a variety of professional settings, and much more. A program is inherently a drum machine that provides an opportunity to create high-quality music on your device running Android OS. You can not only create your own original mixes but also remake existing melodies, adding special effects to them.

For a complete selection and convenience of creating your own composition, the program provides compressor, various types of filters, short delay and many types of special effects. Using the application G Stomper Studio you can create unique music tracks directly on your phone. It is enough to choose ready-made music loops, set their playing tempo, and adjust the sound quality to create modern music. If you have creative talent and you are good at singing, then using the built-in microphone on your device, you can record your voice to use it in the music you created.

The application uses ready-made WAV loops, which you can import from other sources or record your own. You can export the finished music to the device or download it to the Internet. Stagelight — a program for creating music with a very simple and friendly interface. With the help of built-in tools MIDI keyboard, piano, electric guitar, etc. A simple interface and a lot of features make Stagelight one of the best audio sequencers on the Android platform.

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The learning functions of Stagelight will help you learn newcomers, will learn how to correctly record sound, edit the audio track and loop the tracks. Any project created in a mobile application can be transferred to the Windows version of Stagelight from the same developer company as Open Labs.

Built-in purchases allow you to unlock additional DAW functions, audio effects, and samples. Since the birth of electronic music and the heyday of the era of digital DJing that we see today, creators around the world have been constantly searching for tools and equipment that would allow them to realize all their ideas and show their skills to impress even experienced music lovers.

The Samsung Soundcamp app will bring this goal to a close! Thanks to new features, as well as compatibility with third-party applications to amateurs and professionals of the world of music, Soundcamp will help to reveal its creative potential. You can play, compose, mix right now on the Samsung gadget screen — no additional hardware is required! It gives musicians access to the entire ensemble of virtual instruments, including keyboards and drums.

Soundcamp can also be used as an audio recorder with a built-in library of sound effects. The application supports the installation of plug-ins, and the conceptually open structure provides users with the opportunity to connect to third-party applications while recording. Multitrack View mode, implemented in Soundcamp, allows users to record up to eight tracks in MIDI format or stereo audio. In other words, you can add additional components to the editor: In addition, you can use the mixing consoles, which are usually installed in recording studios.

As a result, combining, changing the levels and dynamics of audio signals, as well as performing a number of other useful functions will be much easier. Now more and more people prefer to create their own music and become DJs at parties that they themselves organize. Developers wanted to make the application easier for musicians while ensuring the level of sound that they wanted. The first of the added functions is Looper. It offers users to create their own elements loops — short tracks that can be edited for later use.

Loops are used in compositions of various genres, including hip-hop, trip-hop, techno, and dub. Users are given free access to a collection of more than loops of studio quality created by Loopmasters — it is the leader among developers of sample libraries. In addition, you can download a set of loops for creating compositions of different styles for a fee, and also use and mix your own loops. The function is implemented as a simple two-dimensional field with controlled effects that can be used to improve the quality of live performance.

In this case, the Galaxy Gear application, which is used in conjunction with Gear S2, provides functions for managing gestures and arranging loops. The end result will impress the audience. Sampler, the second new application function, adds the ability to import, record and listen, and convert any sound, including the human voice, to a unique tool. We present to you the EasyBand Studio program which can become irreplaceable for any musician or simply convenient and beloved for those who are just beginning in this business and only try their hand at writing melodies and other simple musical sketches.

The program can be used to create phonograms, solos, sketches, and other realizations of your musical ideas. Each track program allows you to split into eight layers, which is very convenient, because you can prescribe everything you need separately, then apply the necessary layers. Also, the program for Android allows you to disable individual instruments in the track, which will allow you to rehearse what you need by turning off excess. Also, in the program, there is built-in bootloader set up on EasyBand community, download music and fill your masterpieces, even if they were written earlier because the program has the function of exporting from wav and midi files.

Cross DJ is a very cool application for smartphones and tablets running Android, which is designed to create electro music. The thing is that many people would like to try to write their own music of a different genre but no one had the opportunity because in order to create cool music it was necessary to have expensive equipment. Download Cross DJ Pro for Android does not require any hardware at all, well, if only the presence of a good smartphone that has quite good dynamics.

To use this program — you have to pay a small amount of money. But it will be worth it since the application is very good. Cross DJ for Android allows you to create remixes of your favorite songs, as well as change the volume, sound, bass, add something electronic. There is an opportunity to create smooth transitions between two tracks, which you will work with. Settings are incredibly many, as for such an application.

You can open the effects panel and try to make different effects in your track. There are two special plates that will have to spin with the help of your hands, this will be very cool, as you will rotate them with your fingers. For the application work you will have to use two any songs that you put on the plates and will work on them, the finished project can be saved in several formats. With this program, you can create incredible sounds and melodies!

Music is created with the help of several sounds that you can record yourself or use the suggested ones. The program has a large number of settings and unique tools that will help you create something extraordinary! Download now, understand simple settings, and create! In the app, everything is intuitive and simple!

Most Popular Apps

The whole process is based on the fact that you do not have to do anything manually, everything is created with the help of gestures! Turn your smartphone or tablet into a perfect musical instrument. Groovebox is a multifunctional music application with virtual analog synthesizers, drum machines, and unique sound effects. Create and process your music in real time. Selection of tools for 4 tracks. Record the samples yourself or specify notes for the built-in piano synthesizer.

Support for multi-touch technology as much as possible really simulates the management of various tools and filters. The application is ideal not only for experienced musicians but also for beginners. Control of volume and tempo, mute or solo for each channel, all this and many additional tools for creating and configuring samples and loops allow you to create quite complex and unique musical compositions.

Samsung Soundcamp: Android Music Apps With Low Latency on Galaxy Note 3

Qualitative emulation of analog and digital synthesizers with appropriate functionality will allow the user to feel himself in a professional sound studio. A customizable interface for smartphones and tablets with different display sizes will allow for maximum convenience and efficiency. Support for external MIDI devices with synchronization will allow you to rise to a new level. The universal SanVox application combines powerful editing tools for all kinds of audio files.

With the help of built-in software components, you can create original musical compositions without special difficulty and special skills. Synthesia Download Alternatives to Synthesia. Download Alternatives to Caustic 3. Real Drum Set 9. Download Alternatives to Real Drum Set.

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