Phone line fast busy signal

Forward Maximum Hop Count: The counter increments each time a call is forwarded from that dialed number. Once the call is cleared or connected, the counter is decremented. Cisco CallManager terminates the call if the number of hops specified in this parameter is exceeded and the final destination is unavailable for example, busy or not registered.

What do I do if constantly hear a busy signal on my phone?

If the number of hops specified in this parameter is exceeded, the call is terminated. If a rush of calls come in at the same time and are not answered, this count could increase and exceed the maximum, and calls are terminated. In order to resolve this problem, complete these steps to reset the MaxForwardsToDn counter:. Contents Introduction.

busy signal

Is there any advice anyone has for me in this situation? If someone really wants to dive into my config I will oblige, but I do not want to create large amounts of work for anyone, I was hoping that someone ran into this in the past and could steer me in the right direction. I updated the latest firmware this afternoon, but the issue still exists. There is no record of the calls that fail. When I look at the call activity it only shows the calls that connected.

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Enabling Persistent Debug Logging. God bless you for offering help.

Busy signal

Coincidentally I ended up researching the configurations for the , and came to the conclusion that everything was correct. I called the carrier, and low and behold, after speaking to 5 different techs, they resolved the problem behind the scenes. Also, another fun fact, if you have analog lines, and they "threw in" voicemail on all the lines, and you never knew about it or used it, and over time there were enough opportunities to have someone leave a voicemail on that line outages, trunks full, carrier screws all your settings up, etc and once the mailbox fills you cannot dial out on it any longer.

Thanks for the update and info for letting others know of the problem.

I did not know about the voicemail full stopping calls. That is crazy. You are telling me. They said that because of the full voicemail, they had to run a signal cleaner on each line. This made absolutely no sense to me.

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But low and behold the dB level for those two trunks returned to 22 and 23 instead of z4? If we would have not been able to get calls on the two trunks as well then it would have been really easy to say "Hey these two lines are the problem".

Telephone Fast Busy Signal/Hang Up Sound Effect

Instead I had to research it intensely to get enough knowledge to be able to say "I know it is these two trunks, and even though we can receive calls, we cannot make calls on them Anyways, I have a new appreciation for the adtran at least, and can administrate over it properly now. So there is always silver lining. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

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