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I use phone view on my Iphone to do this? The manual looks good, I have put it on my reading list. Have you tried re-starting the phone? Did you do anything that you think might have caused it to stop working? Hy i have samsung galaxy s3 mini its a good phn but when i want to play a video,song any thing n youtube its take souch time plz help what can i do. Two probs. Also I can no longer download pics etc from internet. I keep getting download unsuccessful. This has been for last couple days. We think it is your mobile data speeds.

They are probably slow and mean it takes a long time to load the data to play the video. If you have a G or an E above the signal bar then your connection is slow. If you have a 3G or H then it is faster. Can install games though. Within the email application there should be an option to manually input the settings. You will need to find out the correct server addresses for these accounts a quick Google search will help with this. On my Samsung 3 I keep getting notified about old emails which I subsequently delete from the phone but still keep getting them. Robert, It sounds like although you delete them on the phone they are not being deleted on the email server so every time you re-download the old ones are coming back.

You need to go into the setting on your phone and into your email providers settings and ensure it sis selected that when emails are deleted on the phone they are deleted on the email server too. I have bought siii mini few days back. I need to know how long the battery will run after charging.

Find the answers to your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini questions with the user manual

I am not using phone for long time for wifi, games, movies or mp3 but whenever I check my battery percentage it is getting down. Still I need to charge everyday. It is quite likely that you will need to charge every day. If you are a light user then it may last 2 days Make sure connections like Bluetooth and WiFi are switched off if you do not need them.

Thanks clove. I am making sure Bluetooth and wifi switched off after I use. There could be something else causing the battery drain. Have you tried adjusting the screen brightness? I press the download button on the text and it appears to start downloading, it then just stops. Do you have a data connection as it needs this to download the image. You also need to ensure your MMS settings are correct.

Just got my Samsung Galaxy SIII mini a few days ago and there is an icon appearing in the top left corner of the screen. User manual says it means; error occurred or caution required? Just wonder why this icon is appearing and does it mean anything bad? Kevin, Try restarting the phone and see it if goes away. Is there any more information on the device to explain the fault. New phone Galaxy S3 mini, well two weeks ogo, and having problems deleting emails on it, went back to Carphone Warehouse three staff could not figure out why the deleted mails returned, Geeks informed but they seem to be in a quandary, ideas yes!

But no real solutions, it seems this is not a rare problem. Any ideas? It sounds like although you delete them on the phone they are not being deleted on the email server so every time you re-download the old ones are coming back. You need to go into the setting on your phone and into your email providers settings on the web and ensure it is selected that when emails are deleted on the phone they are deleted on the email server too.

Let us know how you get on. Thanks i got it sorted, it was a warning that one of my apps had failed, thanks. I have one other problem. While i had my phone in my pocket today, i accidentally turned on which i presume is some sort of setting in the phone. In the bar it has numbers with letters eg. Hello I took photos with the camera app and the next day couldnt find them in the picture files.

Where are they gone? My Samsung S3 …Coudnt able to down google apps software through wifi…But i can download the same apps in mobile data internet. Can any one help me pls. I have downloaded every over and over re-loaded different Kies files and got alot of photos and will not allow me to load all photos onto the PC, help help!!!! Clients moaning!!!! I have the galaxy s3 and i want to put someof my apps over to my storage card to fee up storage on my phone.

How do i save them or transfer to my sd card? There is the option within each app. Is there any way to add in emoticons — not the androids? Just got my S3 mini and am missing some old features from BB! The Androids are the default. There are all sorts of free and paid for applications on Google Play that can change or add emoticons and keyboard styles to your S3 Mini. I suggest searching a few keywords on Google Play and seeing what you find! Hi, I have a S3 mini. When I recieve new emails they obviously drop below the 25 shown.

If I delete one of the new emails the old ones appear again but say they are unread!

It is really frustrating as it always shows I have loads more emails to read than I really have. Is there a soltion for it?? I charged my battery up fully but the charge has all gone within 12 hours, even when I have not used the phone. Charged it last night before going to bed and woke this morning and the charge had been used??!! Any ideas as to why this is happening please. Also how do I find the task manager. My S3 touchpad stopped working yesterday!

Suddenly tonight it worked and again have stopped functioning! Is there anything I can do to rectify this without replacing the touchpad?? I went jogging with the phone and it might be it got sweaty?? Besides that I cant think of any other reason why its not functioning. You could give it a couple of days to dry out and see if any sweat that may have got in the phone dried out.

I have a new Mini SG3 it drains so fast. I tried lowering the brightness, Bluetooth off, except for Wifi. Please advise. My Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini keeps deleting my contacts.

How do I stop this? I think it was because I popped out the small SIM card instead of leaving it a whole big one. Seemed to work up until now but bought a new SIM today and has solved the problem so was obviously that, thanks! Please could you let me know how to resolve this? Thank you! My s3 mini turns off after a certain amount of time of inactivity, any idea how I can turn this off? Grant, when you say turns off, is that the phone completely or just the screen? Presumably there is plenty of battery power? Hi, Hope you can assist me, recently everyone is complaining that they can not hear me on my Samsung S3 mini, I never had a problem before.

Can you advise me what to do? If you are within contact the search should automatically search through both the first and last name. Look in the settings within the contacts app and see if the contact are set to display. You can hide contacts stored on the SIM card for example and this may be why they are not appearing. Open up the list of apps on your phone. Just wondering if there is a quicker way to close applications than going to Settings-Applications and then stopping them from there? Also, I use GMail through my phone to read emails but when I then log in on the computer, the emails I read on my phone appear unread.

If you press and hold the home key you should get a list of open apps. Swipe them off the screen to close them. Go into the settings for Gmail on the PC and check the configuration for mobile and on go to the settings on the Gmail app on the phone and check these are as you would like. You may also want to check how often your phone is syncing the accounts. As if it is syncing every hour there will be a lag between the two. Thanks, Laura. Hi Laura, sorry to hear you are having problems with your S3 Mini. Was the device purchased from ourselves? If so then you can send an email through to sales clove.

If not then then it sounds like your device could do with an inspection and probably a repair by Samsung. You should be able to book a repair through the network provider that sold you the handset or if it was purchased SIM free by contacting the retailer or going directly to Samsung by calling An app that you may find useful is NoLED, which displays a coloured icon on your lock screen for various message alerts. Click here to view the app on the Play Store. Also how do i set my alarm so that it goes off in the morning whilst my phone is switched off, it seems i have to keep my phone on all night in order for my alarm to go off?

Hi I have just got my two new galaxy S III mini phones for my partner and myself but we are not able to set up the voicemail service properly. Any help would be appreciated. Charlie, go into the phone settings and click the menu then go into call settings and there should be the option to configure the voicemail.

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I just got my Samsung S3 mini last week. After a few days of running smoothly, the phone is now resetting on its own or sometimes it just turns off by itself. Can you suggest what to do? Should I restore factory settings or should I have it checked first with the telco where I bought the phone? I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 a few months ago. I am in Toronto, Canada. All my text messages went onto my Samsung device. And it is taking minimum of 60 sec per picture to delete! Please Help! My phone feels like it got syrup in its working parts. This will wipe your device so anything that you want to keep in terms of photos, videos, etc.

It like comes for a split second and leaves several times in a day. This is the phone detecting that you are looking at it still so it does not turn off the screen because you are still looking at the phone. Hello, I want to attach a picture to my contact list for each person. But first of all i have to copy my contact list to my phone. But i dont know how to do that. I checked all the comments above and i saw that you have to go to your contacts, settings then show or copy the contacts across the phone, but there is no such things.

There should be an option somewhere. You may find it simplest to speak to your phone provider or Samsung for more detailed advice. Is it safe to charge the Samsung 3 Mini there by just using a two pin adapter on the plug or do I also need to use a v converter? I think someone sent a text from my s3 mini and deleted it. Also texts deleted when the limit is reached can they be retrieved. As far as I am aware once a text has been deleted from the phone then it has been permanently removed from the onboard SMS database and cannot be retrieved.

If you are concerned about SMS security and managing your messages then you may want to consider looking at the Google Play store for some third party SMS clients that offer you more control than the stock Samsung app. A lot of my friends with their s3 minis have a setting in which their phone vibrates as they type, how exactly do I turn this setting on? If there is not an option in either of these places then your friends may have installed a third party keyboard — check with them. Hi Is there anyway I can get my samsung 3 mini to ring for longer before it goes to answering service or I just miss the call?

I rarely get to it in such a short time. Hi Carole, answering services are controlled by the network provider, not the phone. Generally need to call into your voicemail and follow the instructions to change the settings. If you have any issue with this I would recommend contacting customer support for your network provider or visiting one of their high street branches. I am having trouble setting up my email account on my new Galaxy s3 mini. It says my address or password are wrong when they are not. Hi I have the samsung galaxy mini s3 and when I delete pictures from my camera they do not permanently delete it forms an album of all the pictures I took on the day regardless of if I deleted it from the camera album, and when i open the album in which the deleted picture is stored it does not give me the delete option… HELP!

Does anyone has a reason why or a solution on how to fix this? I watched youtube on how to change the message alert tone and it was easily understandable. Please help me. If you go to into your file manager or download one if you do not have and look through the folders on your phone and there should be one there. I saved this photo off of my email to text to a friend and it saved in my downloads folder. Although when I go to my files and my download folder, the photo is not there. The contact photo does not appear when i received message.

I have saved the image in my phone but still does not appear. Pls help. It says connected but then internet not available. I tried using other Wi-Fi, they connected perfectly well and I was able to browse the internet. Do you have any solution to the Wi-Fi problem, please? Here is what I did;. IP address: I turned it off — no change. All be it this is odd, does it need to be changed, if you number is showing correctly when you ring someone? I am concerned if it got stolen or lost that if I give my correct number this could be a problem.

The IMEI is correct. Yes I did buy it brand new from the Amazon site from a supported retailer. It has the guarantee etc. Today I went to the Play Store to pay for an app and of course it picked up the incorrect number which it will do each time I want to make a purchase, luckily not often but it may affect other purchases or actions. Think I might need to speak to Samsung to see how I can change that. Problem resolved when I logged in online for my mobile bill. Hello, I have a problem with my S3 mini regarding alarm. I need to set up a record of my details that I can send in a text eg address phone number etc.

How do I do this? Can any1 help please how can I stop this from happening?? Many thanks. I havent changes any settings and have reinstalled watsapp 3 times and rebooted my phone but nothing works. Have you checked if you deselected the notification in your whatsapp settings?

I mean since you updated, it could be that the settings changed too. Do you get notification for your normal sms? Hey when I play video it runs smooth but then it says: Play video data only. Do you know any way to fix audio? Just upgraded to this phone on Saturday and finding my way around — also a bit of a newbie to smart phones. I somehow synchronised my S3 photo gallery with my Facebook photo albums so they are now all showing on the phone.

I discovered that I can delete albums local to the phone, but not any of the FB albums. Are the FB albums and pics therefore not stored on the phone — should I worry about them taking up too much memory space? I think you should unsync if you worry about the memory space. The option to unsync both photos and contact always pop each you sign in after signing out. Can u help? Rachel, Try connecting it to the computer as a mass storage device and accessing and deleting files that way. Can I put a date onto my photos — so that it is printed on them when I transfer them off the phone to my computer?

Not sure that there is such an option. The data is stored in the background so the computer will know what date is was taken. You can then organise the photos on the computer by date. Is there a setting that I have not used? My gmail account is fine, it can send and receive. It is likely to have something to do with the outgoing server settings for the email account you have added.

I have a yahoo bt internet email account. I set it up so can access on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini however when i read the email on my PC it still shows as unread on my phone. Just bought a galaxy s3 mini. Need to use it as a modem , tried connecting the phone to the computer and it just says on the old samsung Kies program: You can share the phones internet connection via WiFi. Go into setting on the S3 mini and activate hotspot. So of your computer has WiFi it can connect to this.

Hi, need your help with my new s3 mini. When text message,how do I switch between English n Chinese words? I hv set the language input to English n Mandarin,but can only write in English! Why my samsung galaxy s3 mini having troble with signal. Signal often got loss. No internet connection. Yuilana, There may be a problem with the antenna, it may be worth getting it inspected by Samsung. Anyone know what I did? If you double tap on the screen the page should zoom in or out and align text as best as possible to allow you to read it on screen.

Is it you do not know your own telephone number or you want others to be able to see your number when you call? Have paired a Galaxy s3 mini with a Parrot v5. Philip, There are a whole range of potential issues but it sounds like a potential supported profiles issue. Have Parrot confirmed it works with Android phones? Suppose to delete 2 photos from the gallery, and somehow there were no identications for the items to be deleted. Maybe i was fast and only then realized that the whole album was deleted.

Is there any way of retrieving them.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT-I8190 – user manual free download

Just upgraded my phone to Samsung galaxy s3 mini. When I am talking on phone it just switches off, any ideas why? The call ends. I have to recall the number. Someone has suggested my cheek could be terminating the call! It is normal for the screen to power off during the call but for it to end is unusual.

Test it by holding the phone a little further away from your face.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT-I – user manual free download | User manual – Devicemanuals

If the call does not end, then it could be your cheek pressing on the screen and ending the call. I had this problem as above and this is what someone told me to do and it seems to have worked! Fingers crossed. Press the phone icon Press the menu button — call settings Scroll down to turn off screen during calls. My samsung S3 talks and vibrates the whole time. I cannot unlock the phone at all I only hear the voice the whole time. I cannot receive any calls. This is very annoying. How do you make the phone to call for longer before it goes to voicemail?

It doesnt ring long enough for me to answer incoming calls! To turn notifications off, you need to click the menu button the three horizontal lines top left , scroll down and click account, then go to app settings and within there you can turn off notifications. After my Samsung Galaxy sIII mini did a software update, the ripple effect is gone and i cannot change the font size on my calenders. Can someone help please. How can I put all the info in one? Under the settings for each contact you can link the duplicate contacts to make one, or edit one contact on your phone to have bother the number and email address under that one contact.

My S3 mini will turn off automatically when i did not used it for maybe 2 hours….. Is the entire handset powering off or only the screen? The handset should not be turning itself off. I have been trying to download a new version, through the play world and internet but it just says downloading with no percentage and eventually gives me an error.

You are best off speaking to Samsung or whoever you purchased the phone from. Our only other thought is that the phone is getting too hot and turning itself off as a result. I already install everything but when I try to change my theme it nothing is happening. Most especially on the sms part. So you can see the themes on the phone and you select them but nothing happens?

Are these themes already on the phone or ones you have installed yourself? Anyway thanks for the help…. N what is the best antivirus for S3 mini…??? Hi…am having samsung glaxy s3 mini…i opend gmail account and i do not know to sing out. There is not a simple way to sign out of gmail — you will need to sign out of the Google account that you have connected to the device. Search for: Click the icon below to open the Samsung Galaxy S3 quick start guide. Jon Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future.

Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants. Freddie Loading Maybe there is something to do with software versions?! I just want to know how long to charge the battery for the first time. Thanks Loading Are you using the same mains adapter? Yes, the same charger being used for all areas!!

Presumably other electrical outlets in your home are working fine? Thanks for your feedback, x Loading Need help Loading Not exactly sure what you are referring to. What is it doing? Mean talk back sorry Loading You may wish to speak to your network provider regarding this. Arlene Loading Software Upgrade. Content Type FAQ. How to Video.

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