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I am an electrical contractor and I bought two sets of the drills and impact combo for two of my foreman. I immediately purchased the two and swapped out some old drills on my guys trucks. Within the first two weeks one set was already stolen off one of the trucks. Not so!!! I quickly learned that the app only works if: The fact they did this still makes them my favorite company for power tools however, I would not want someone to be misled regardless of where the fault lied in the explanation that I got. The other features are nice, so I gave three stars. Milwaukee is ahead of the game with this and as well on many other things.

Love the idea of the tick, I bought one just to test it out. I think this technology has a long way to go but is a good start. Milwaukee does make very nice tools and they do take that little extra time in their engineering and quality that lesser brands do not. But you do pay for that difference. Their 12v drill and impacts are good for small uses.

Overall love their organizers with the gasket to keep moisture out and love most any Milwaukee products. Keep up the good work, love the app a lot a lot. Thanks for your feedback Davey! We'll keep working to make sure that tracking works as well as possible. Glad you're happy with your Milwaukee experience. We're always here if that ever changes. You can reach our team at: I was looking to switch over to all company supplied tools, so was very excited to see that Milwaukee had this tool tracking system. I had setup 2 of my impact drivers, 2 drills and one Tick before bringing them to a job site.

On my drive in that morning, all the tools showed current tracking, but only one has worked since. For User Affinity , choose whether devices with this profile must enroll with or without an assigned user.


Enroll with user affinity - Choose this option for devices that belong to users and that want to use the company portal for services like installing apps. The device must be affiliated with a user with Setup Assistant and can then access company data and email. Only supported for Setup Assistant enrollment. User affinity requires WS-Trust 1.

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Saiba mais. Learn more. Enroll without User Affinity - Choose this option for devices unaffiliated with a single user. Use this for devices that perform tasks without accessing local user data.

Required for direct enrollment. These are not supported when authenticating with Apple Setup Assistant.

Cómo eliminar un ID de Apple utilizado anteriormente en un iPhone o iPad

Escolha Criar para salvar o perfil. Choose Create to save the profile. Create a two-column, comma-separated value. Add the serial number in the left column, and the details in the right column. The current maximum for the list is 5, rows. Em um editor de texto, a lista.

In a text editor, the. Learn how to find an iOS device serial number. Select an Enrollment profile to apply to the serial numbers you're importing. If you want the new serial number details to overwrite any existing details, choose Overwrite details for existing identifiers. Under Import Devices , browse to the csv file of serial numbers, and select Add.

Como desativar o Bloqueio de Ativação no iPhone, iPad ou iPod touch | Tech Apple

You can assign an enrollment profile when you import iOS serial numbers for Apple Configurator enrollment. You can also assign profiles from two places in the Azure portal: After you create the profile and assign serial numbers, you must export the profile from Intune as a URL. You then import it into Apple Configurator on a Mac for deployment to devices.

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No perfil, selecione Exportar Perfil. On the profile, select Export Profile. Copie a URL do Perfil. Copy the Profile URL. Next you import this profile to Apple Configurator in the following procedure to define the Intune profile used by iOS devices. Em um computador Mac, abra o Apple Configurator 2. On a Mac computer, open Apple Configurator 2. In the menu bar, choose Apple Configurator 2 , and then choose Preferences. Devices are reset to factory configurations during the enrollment process. As a best practice, reset the device and turn it on. Devices should be at the Hello screen when you connect the device.

Choose Next. You can safely disregard a warning stating "server URL is not verified. To continue, choose Next until the wizard is finished. Selecione os dispositivos iOS que deseja gerenciar e escolha Preparar. Select the iOS devices you want to manage, and then choose Prepare. On the Supervise Devices pane, select the level of supervision, and then choose Next.

On the Create an Organization pane, choose the Organization or create a new organization, and then choose Next. If prompted, authenticate to update trust settings. The devices are now ready for corporate enrollment. Turn off the devices and distribute them to users.

When users turn on their devices, Setup Assistant starts. After users receive their devices, they must complete Setup Assistant.