Harga oppo smartphone n1 di malaysia

The Oppo Smartphone in Malaysia: A Reliable Shooter Phone

Oppo Malaysia telahpun melancarkan telefon pintar jenis phablet mereka Oppo N1 yang mempunyai skrin paparan bersaiz 5. Majlis yang mereka adakan amat meriah dan bergaya. Ini adalah pertama kali mereka melancarkan telefon pintar mereka di pasaran tempatan kita. Oppo N1 ini adalah salah satu telefon pintar yang unik kerana ianya mempunyai kamera 13MP yang boleh dipusingkan.

Cuba anda bayangkan kualiti gambar yang anda akan dapat. Bukan ini sahaja yang mereka menawarkan, Oppo N1 juga mampu mengambil gambar dengan slow-shutter speed selama 8 saat. Learn More. No Products found! Daily Top 10 Hits 1. Huawei nova 4 RM 2.

Oppo N1 Diumumkan Secara Rasmi Di Malaysia - Berharga RM

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 RM 3. Samsung Galaxy S10 RM 4.

Huawei Y9 RM 5. Oppo F9 RM 6. Honor 10 Lite RM 7. Oppo A3s RM 8.

Huawei nova 3i RM Honor 8X RM Popular This Week. Top Innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S series. Here's a first look and hands-on video of the Vivo V15 Pro.

Huawei Nova 4 officially launched in Sunway Pyramid, more than contestants took part in the Amazing nova Search. The phone's body is made entirely out of plastic but Oppo has managed to craft it to look and feel expensive. Measuring 9mm thick and weighing grams, it is certainly not thinnest or the lightest device out there.

The Oppo Phone Heads Innovation with the Color OS

However, its heft and curved back make the phone more comfortable to hold. Overall, Oppo has also done a good job to ensure that the phone retains a manageable size despite sporting a 5-inch display. Speaking of its display, the Oppo Mini 1's 5-inch LCD display comes with a 1,xp resolution which translates to sharp visual quality and vibrant colour reproduction that is not oversaturated.

Hence, you should have no problems using it for everyday tasks such as browsing the Internet, replying to emails, and watching videos.

Oppo Mobile Phone Price in Malaysia

The viewing angles are good, which means that you can view the screen from multiple angles without any reduction in the visual quality. Brightness levels are also sufficient for the phone to be used outdoors without any visibility issues, making the phone suitable for individuals who are always out and about.

In charge of the N1 Mini's performance is a 1. Thanks to the reliable Snapdragon chipset, the device's performance is quite smooth-sailing which makes the phone capable of handling most of the tasks assigned to it with ease. Apps open and close quickly, switching between apps was a breeze, and the phone can take on multiple apps simultaneously without any signs of lag.

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The only downside is that the phone only has 16GB of internal storage with no options to expand it further, hence the phone will not be that suitable for users who like to load their phones with apps and games. Understandably, one of the Oppo N1 Mini's most unique feature is its swivel camera. This means that you are getting a 13MP primary shooter that doubles as the front-facing camera as well. Due to the camera's ability to function as both the front and rear shooter, the phone will not come with a dedicated front-facing unit.

However, this is nothing to be concerned about since you can use the camera to take high-quality selfies as well. Under its hood, the Oppo N1 Mini packs a 2,mAh battery, which might be a little small by current standards. However, you will still be able to get through a full day with moderate use while performing regular tasks like sending texts, checking your social media accounts, and playing some games. See More.