Iphone 4 power button getting stuck

Anyway the button feel would have been worse with elastic material. I ended up soldering some solder tin onto the metal button. Hello, the ribbon from the power button flex cable is ripped. Could I fix it with adhesive tape wrapped around? Thank you!

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The traces on the cable are probably ripped as well… A new power button is a few dollars on eBay though! Hi there. All works well. I guess any glue which dries hard and non-tacky, and is not electrically conductive will work.

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How to fix Iphone power button for FREE

Get this part from your masters at DealExtreme. Get some coffee. Follow the great iFixit tutorial for replacing the powerbutton itself up to the last page. Be very careful.

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There are many things that can go wrong, as the iPhone is made up of a lot of very delicate springs, bushes and screws. Use a magnetic screw mat. Use a scalpel or other knife to separate the yellow kapton tape from the original button. Be very careful not to lose any of the disc-springs inside.

How To Fix The Broken iPhone Lock Button

Also make sure no dust gets inside. Do the same for the donor-button. Put the yellow tape with the actuator helper on the original button. Make sure all disc-springs are inside and that everything aligns nicely.

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Re-assemble the phone, carefully following the iFixit tutorial in reversed order. Resync time and iMessage. Enjoy your fixed power button.

How can I repair a stuck iPhone 4 power button?

I hope this helps anybody out there. Like this? You might be interested in my latest project. It is worth to try and will not let you down.

Since a damaged power button can also be a hardware issue, you may want to seek technical support to fix the device. If the warranty is not valid, contact a qualified and certified technician who can help you fix the broken power button. If the power button is still not working, you can still turn off the iPhone by following these simple steps;. Step 2: Slide it to turn off the device. You can still lock the screen even when the power button is broken or stuck.

To do that you will once again need to use AssitiveTouch. The iPhone screen will immediately be locked. Alternatively, you can enable the auto-lock feature so that your iPhone screen will automatically lock itself after a specified period of time. Feb 18, Part 1. How to Lock the Screen without the Power Button. You may also like: Here are 3 Solutions to Fix it Updated.