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What size memory card does my Galaxy smartphone accept?

We accept. Your Account. About MyMemory. For more information about MyMemory, visit our About Us page. Cookies help us deliver the best experience on our website. That means you can transfer as many as photos in under 7 minutes. Also, all thanks to its generous and hassle-free storage capacity, this card can store over 24 hours of full HD video footage.

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So you can record events, download videos — and so, forth without really worrying about the need to free up space. And to top it all up, this card is compatible with Android devices, DSLR cameras , tablets as well as smartphones. So, forget about the need to delete some files in order to free up some space because this one has got all your needs covered. Who said that you have to break the bank to afford a cheap yet effective MicroSD card?

But to give you a perspective of it, 32GB is capable of storing 4 hours of full HD footage. In other words, you can fully rely on this card for recording content for short sessions. Of course, this card may not be the best for recording movies or undertaking other demanding tasks.

But it can serve any photographer, videographer, smartphone user or any other category of individuals looking for extra storage space. You may love to read: Versatility is the best-suited adjective for describing the true measure of this MicroSD card. First off, it is available in both 16GB and 32GB. This flexibility gives you a unique opportunity to start small and scale up as your needs increase.

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Indeed, you can shuttle a decent number of files from your computer to the card, fast. You can transfer about photos into this card or high-quality MP3 songs in under a minute. Thank you for watching VisiHow, have a great day. We look forward to seeing you in some more of our videos. Yes No I need help Video: Similar to its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in two variants: To house high-definition videos and high-pixel rate pictures, Samsung includes a memory card in addition to the 32 GB internal memory.

To use an extended memory card, it should be properly formatted and inserted into the right position. The instructions to remove the memory card from your device are below. Before removing the memory card, make sure to unmount the external card from your phone. To do that:. Before physically taking out the memory card from your device, make sure you unmount the memory card for safe removal. Unmounting the memory card prevents data loss and file corruption, while extending your memory card's life.

To unmount the SD card, follow these procedures: Yes No I need help 2 From your phone's Home screen, tap on the Apps icon, located at the lower-right part of your phone screen. The Apps icon is to the extreme right of the Favorites bar. Yes No I need help 3 From the list of applications on your S5, locate Settings and tap on it to open. I didn't think there were any smaller sizes but it seems that it's not fitting. The only card that is compatible with any iPhone is a SIM card, which does not hold pictures or other information aside from a few contacts and text messages.

Trying to insert an SD card of some kind into the SIM card slot on your Apple iPhone 5S may and probably will damage the slot and prevent your phone from connecting to your carrier's network. Inserting an SD card may also physically damage the slot itself, so you have a protruding SIM card try on your phone which could also prevent your phone from connecting to your carrier's network. Do they all come with one loaded?

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The microSD card slot is right above the battery in Samsung Galaxy S5, and the slot should be empty when you remove the battery for the first time. Just wanted to be sure before I open the phone. Yes, these cards will work; but make sure that the one you install is no more than GB in capacity.

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Yesterday I bought a larger memory, the Samsung store did change it and put back all what the other card had, my pictures came damaged. I wonder why? See more questions like this: How to remove pattern lock without resetting. There is a white plastic SIM? I know I can physically remove the memory card, but will the files be compromised or lost if I cannot do the "unmount" through the phone?

Remove the battery, then physically remove the SD card, by that the card or data would not be damaged. Does the phone need a SIM card? I have tried: Just came in box. My friend is coming tomorrow. Never done this before, where I dump everything off an existing SD card and then put in a new one and put it all back onto the new card. It's probably really easy, but I cannot risk losing pics and app saved data etc, and if you're around Yes No I need help First make sure you can view and select hidden and system files in your PC explorer, then select all and copy to PC.

Do not wipe the old SD card, until you are sure everything is working fine with the new SD copied to card. My phone has a charging problem, so it is dead. I am wondering if I can take the microSD card out without corrupting anything. My phone cannot turn on, so I can't go into unmounting or mounting. The unmount process is only needed if you are going to take out the SD card while the phone is turned ON. Didn't fit. I restarted and It didn't read it, just gave the "no SIM, emergency calls only". I bought another card, tried it, and it goes unrecognized.

I'm guessing I'm going to have to try a factory reset next, though not looking forward to having to remember passwords for all the permanently signed-on programs. If this doesn't work do you have any suggestions? If the factory reset works, I come back with the good news. The article is describing a process which is going well, no problems. My situation is nothing but problems. As I said in the beginning, I tried the unlock with the TMobile card, which didn't work. Didn't work. Tried starting in safe mode. Nothing different. I think it was caused by: Wondering if there's damage in the slot?

Also see the conspiracy theory. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. All About Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5: What is the Maximum Expandable Memory Size for S5?

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