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With it, you'll be able to integrate your data into other apps that support it or even just download it before you de Spotify is a great music subscription service, but constantly streaming songs can really run up your monthly mobile data. Fortunately, you're able to download music from Spotify on Android and iOS in order to preserve your precious data cap. Overall, Spotify Premium, which yo In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to transfer songs from an iPod device to a Windows or Mac computer.

Begin by going to this link. Then install the program and open it. Plug your iPod device into your comput We've got another retro video game system for you to add to your arsenal of emulators—Super Nintendo. Yep, that's right. Thanks to Lucas Menge, you can now play Super Essentially, it's the same version that Apple will release on the 13th, but only for developers so they can get their apps up to snuff befor For most of us, the primary reason we capture videos on our iPhones is to post on one of the various social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, providing instant gratification by receiving a proverbial nod from our followers.

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With so muc There's a ton of great applications you can buy and download for your iPhone, even your iPod Touch, and they're all at the tip of your finger literally , right there in the Apple App Store. So how do you actually get one of those apps on your iPhone? Best Buy has answers.

Have you ever wanted to listen to a random song at the brink of a moment and realized you only wished you had the means to listen to this song? Well, for all of the proud owners of iPod Touch or iPhone, you can now do this by simply downloading the music directly to your devic Nintendo fans rejoice!

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And that's not it. Now, thanks to angelXwind, we can add Nintendo DS to our list of non-jailbreak emulators for Apple used to make it super easy to get the IPA version of any app on your iPhone just by syncing the device with iTunes, but ever since iTunes Now, whenever you need to dig into an IPA file, whether it's to reverse engineer it or simply to loo Usually, the only solution is to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone, but that's something most avoid because it will void the warranty and may cause potential bricking issues.

In some If you've ever wanted to download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone, there's an easy solution — just update to iOS 12 and install Apple's new Shortcuts app. With the Workflow-replacement app, you can add a shortcut that lets you download any YouTube video you want, withou Don't Miss: The Coolest Last week, iOS 12 developer beta 7 was quickly pulled upon release, due to complaints of poor performance and instability issues.

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While Apple tackled these bugs with the release of developer beta 8 two days later, testers are seeing beta 7 again in their Software Update settin These days, cellular connections can be just as fast — if not faster — than traditional internet providers. That, coupled with the prevalence of unlimited data plans, means less worrying about hopping on a Wi-Fi network to download something. However, try to install an app or If you used Touch ID on an iPhone before, all you had to do to install apps and games from the App Store was rest your fingertip on the Home button.

For an extra level of security, you can download an app onto your iPhone or iPod that will let you create a customized security key, which you unlock by using the touch screen to draw a simple graphic. This tutorial shows you where to get the app and how to set it up. This past year was a big one for WonderHowTo. Our biggest yet. In our writers, curators, and community members helped over million people learn over million new things.

The Watch Dogs video game series came out in , enamoring audiences with the idea of a seemingly magical smartphone that could change traffic signals, hack web cameras, and even remotely control forklifts. This may sound like science fiction, but The Sonic uses a customized What if someone asks you to do a Nmap scan but you left your pc at home? What if a golden opportunity shows during a pentest but you were walking around the building, taking a break? But leaving your phone at home or in the office when you go out is absurd, I mean, everyone b If you've ever jailbroken an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you're probably already well acquainted with PwnageTool.

What you may not know, however, is that, thanks to the efforts of an iPhone hacker named Johnny Franks, there now exists a PwnageTool bundle for the beta vers Movie fans—it's that time again—the Oscars.

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For those of you on the west coast, that would be 5 p. And this year, the Now that the iPhone 4 is on Verizon, there's an increasing number of ex-Android users wanting to know how to take a screenshot on their new iOS device. We all know what a nightmare it was to take a screenshot on your Android device.

You had to download the Android SDK, enable In these days of mobile technology, losing your iPhone or iPod Touch is almost worse than losing your car keys. It becomes one of the most frantic searches you've ever had to endure. If you own a PS3 slim and you'd like to jailbreak it read: You'll be dealing with a firmware of 3. In this video, you'll get a step by step tutorial on redeeming your free iPhone 4 case.

If you have an iPhone 4, you are entitled to a free bumper case to deal with the antenna signal loss problem. All you have to do is download the iPhone 4 Case app, and send in your informat You love your iPhone and you can't live without it, but it's lacked the basic ability to cut, copy, and paste across multiple apps. With Apple's OS 3. Watch this Howcast guide to learn how to cut, copy, and paste on your iPhone We've all been waiting for it, and now it's finally here— Video Skype for the iPhone 4. It's no longer just a voice over the phone, now you can finally see those rosy-red cheeks of your fellow Skyper, and maybe even their underwear.

Check out the official Skype for iPhone - no And the process is easier than ever now that jailbreakme has made jailbreaking iPhones in preparation for unloc Since it's introduction, iPhone has become the standard for design and ease of use, redefining what's possible on a mobile phone.

And now with iPhone 3G, this revolutionary device gets even better, offering even more advanced capabilities. This will also work with an iPhone. Source link: It's not Right out of the box, iPhone is incredibly easy to use. The iPhone redefines what a mobile Download Aircrack Iphone How To: The app will also show an alert if your selection is a large file.

Minor improvements. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description The updated SBS Radio app, allows you to access Australian news and current affairs, music, podcasts and community updates in 68 different languages.

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The app will now return to the previously viewed screen next time you start it. The app will alert you to large files, so you can keep on top of your data usage. We've improved the design and navigation so the app is easier to use: Tap it to open Car Mode. We've added a lot of new features and made improvements to personalise the app for you. These are based on your app language settings. Just tap to filter by state. Photos are reviewed first! Photos are reviewed first, and may appear in the app Gallery.

To view show information, just tap on a show that has an arrow. Some shows do not have additional information, so this grip may not appear all the time. Please check our Privacy Policy before sending. We've updated the design and kept all of the features you've enjoyed previously with the 'Your Language' app. We have also added some great new features: Feb 6, Version 3.

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