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You can also swipe down on the Compose window to get quick access to your Inbox, which can come in handy if you want to refer to an email while composing an email. This saves the trouble of saving the email as draft. You can switch to the new tab view in Safari with a two or three-finger pinch gesture With the new tab view, you can now close a tab by swiping to the left.

How to use swipe gestures on your iPad

There is another cool new gesture in Safari that allows you to switch tabs. For example: With Swype, all you need to do is glide your finger over the keys you intend to hit to spell out a word, and Swype will pick it up and add a space. While it may take sometime to get used to, people seem to prefer it to tap-based typing. You can check out our best third-party keyboards for the iPhone. The best third-party keyboards for iPhone Accessibility Accessibility gets a new feature called Speak Screen in iOS 8, that speaks out the contents of the screen including text, buttons, labels etc.

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The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. That allows the standard multitasking gestures to work with VoiceOver enabled, assuming that multitasking gestures are also enabled. On my iPad, I had no trouble getting the notification center to come up, but I had all sorts of trouble with the control center gesture. It appears that your rightmost finger has to be right above the home button when you start the gesture, or else it won't work.

Even then, it was very hit and miss whether or not the control center came up when I performed the gesture.

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The gestures for going back and forward in Safari worked, though I had to have all my fingers along the edge of the screen when starting the gesture. The scrolling and pinch gestures worked without any issues, and I do agree that this is more convenient than the rotor for zooming. Now I need a quick way to toggle multitasking gestures on and off, since I use the four-finger swipes left and right pretty regularly to change apps. With a bit of practice The gesture to get the Control Center to pop up is, however, the most stubborn.

I emphasise that Multitasking Gestures have to be turned off to use the gestures I have described. I find that the App Switcher, invoked by double-clicking the Home button with VoiceOver on is a much better way of moving between apps for someone with Low Vision because it is easier to find the app one wants to reopen. So the lack of Multi Tasking Gestures is not a loss for me. The four finger gesture that I have described does not require you to select the Status Bar first. If anyone has tried the gestures described in my original post on an iPhone it would be good to hear from you to indicate whether any of them work on the iPhone.

Since posting my comments on using 'undocumented' four finger gestures I have found another posting giving an alternative gesture for opening the Notification and Control Centers. This alternative uses one finger and will probably be useful for the smaller iPhone and iPod screens. I have tried it on the iPad and it works.

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There are two reasons why I have multitasking gestures turned on. The first is that it's easier to switch between two apps while exercising, either on a treadmill or on a bike, with four-finger swipes.

I find the home button to be less convenient in this situation. Secondly, when I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard, I can use Command-Tab and Command-Shift-Tab to switch between apps, but those keystrokes require multitasking gestures to be enabled. Having said that, I am seriously considering changing my usage habits after learning about the trick posted here.

In particular, I have found the gesture for notification center to be very useful. For some reason, the notification center comes up much faster when using the four-finger technique described here than when using VoiceOver to activate it.

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I have enough vision to see the animation that happens when bringing it up, and the animation is considerably slower when VoiceOver is used. Actually I have an iphone and none of the jestures work. I did a 4 finger swipe up and down and nothing happened for the notification and control center.

I have an iPhone 5s and can confirm that these gestures do not work on it. However, I also have an iPad mini and can confirm that these gestures do in fact work well there.

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If using these gestures on the home screen to change pages, it's possible to have VoiceOver automatically announce the page number if you put the VoiceOver cursor on the adjustable located just above the doc first. Just make sure that you perform the gesture well above the doc, somewhere in the middle of the screen to avoid accidentally moving the cursor away from the adjustable while changing pages.

I have found that non on the 'unofficial', undocumented four and five finger gestures that I described in my original post work in iOS 8. What a pity! I have become quite dependent on some of these. It is possible that this 'problem' only exists on the older devices but I strongly suspect that these gestures will not work on any device running iOS 8. If anyone has tested them on a newer iPad let me know if they work. In Portrait view if one swipes left with three fingers to go to the next Home page Spotlight opens and but if one swipes up or down with three fingers one goes to the next or previous Home page.

In Landscape view, with the Home Button to the right the swipes work as expected. However, if the Home Button is on the left swipes work opposite to what one would expect. Update to my previous post: In iOS 8, with Multi Tasking gestures turned off, it is possible to use five fingers to do many of the gestures I described in my original post.

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These include: Free scrolling in Safari and other apps. Reveal side bar in Mail, Notes, etc. Move to previous or next page in Safari, starting from bezel. Zoom in or out in some apps.