Blackberry bold battery runs down quickly

I rechecked the settings to see if I had carelessly activated some option. So I browsed some BlackBerry forums online and found my answer.

Quick Fix: Battery Drainage and Overheating of the BlackBerry Curve 9220

It turns out there was nothing unusual about the handset warming up while it is being charged. This application can be used in BlackBerry phones with OS 4. Not only does this app monitor the battery level, it also gives you handset temperature updates corresponding to battery charge levels. The wierd thing about my drained battery is that its not getting heat while using.

How to Save Battery Power on a Blackberry: 13 Steps

If Im not using my handset, thats the time it starts to get heat. Idk what to do. So I charge it to full each morning and the initial charge burns through in about 30 mins, and then when I charge it again, it works fine, and holds a full charge. I discovered that there is a business use battery that will last longer.

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Older batteries will not hold charges, and they will also make your phone act wonky, the battery will also lose power quickly and get really hot more often than not. I discovered that when looking at a new battery versus my older battery, they older battery was slightly misshapen.

4) Close Unused Applications--Even if You Reopen Them Soon

But you can also turn off all data connections while still leaving the voice-capabilities active. Next, choose Mobile Network Options from the menu, and on the following screen, deactivate Data Services. The only core features that will work with data services disabled will be voice calls and SMS messaging. When you want to turn your data back on, just reverse the above-described process and turn the Data Services.

Troubleshoot shortened battery life on your BlackBerry Bold 9930

The more apps you have open that use some sort of auto-update process, the more battery life those apps are eating up. The core BlackBerry phone, browser, messages, BlackBerry Messenger and home screen icon cannot be closed, but anything else that shows up in your app switcher can be shutdown via the application menus. You activate Standby Mode in different ways depending on your BlackBerry device, but some new devices can be put into standby by simply holding the Mute key on the top right or left of the device.

For example, I put my BlackBerry Bold into standby every time it goes into my pocket by holding the Mute key on the top-right of the device. As far as I know, the Storm2 does not have a Standby Mode.

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But repeated use is sure to take a toll. Hit your Escape key to exit out of the Options menu, save your changes, and your flash will be turned off the next time you open the camera.

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To turn it back on, simply reverse the process. Every time an e-mail message or group of messages is delivered to your BlackBerry inbox, your overall device battery-life diminishes. You probably need your Outlook mail, especially if your BlackBerry is work-issued. But do you really require that both of those Gmail inboxes be connected to your smartphone? Do you even receive mail to that ancient Windows Live account?

Posts How to make your BlackBerry last longer. How long your BlackBerry smartphone lasts on a single charge depends on a variety of factors. Pandora for BlackBerry But you should be aware that such applications, especially apps that constantly stream data over wireless connections, are very likely eating up battery life like hungry gamblers at a casino buffet. BlackBerry Mobile Network Options Screen But you can also turn off all data connections while still leaving the voice-capabilities active. More Articles.

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