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Actually I have spent very little time with this device including set up But what I saw was a very nice screen the mini 2 has the retina display and as always from Apple, a very easy set up and operation. It was a Christmas gift for my 7yr old daughter Addison and has spent most of it's time with her. Considering it has run almost all day everyday since Christmas, the battery seem to do very well. If you choose to get one, do yourself a favor and buy a good case. I know because I also repair phones and t ablets and the mini is the most difficult to repair. The WiFi and processor in this device work very well and are super fast.

Apple iPad mini 2 32GB, Wi-Fi, in - Space Gray | eBay

In my opinion, anyone that uses this will fall in love with it's all around design. Addison loves it and won't hardly give it up so she can go to bed at night. I guess that's the only bad thing about it. Really super combination of size, weight, beautiful display and value. This is not broadly mentioned but folks on the Internet do lament this as lacking. If you are lucky to find a comparably priced cellular model - get it because they have GPS.

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Otherwise this is a super little tablet and a great price in the used market now that they have been out for a while. I absolutely love my new iPad Mini 2!

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It was worth the purchase! So convenient, super long battery life,smooth touch screen sensitivity, crystal clear graphics, powerful wifi capability, fast browser loading, need I say any more?! Overall this iPad Mini version still beats the competitors, even in ! This iPad, even though it's not the current offering from Apple, is a great value. I bought 2, one for each of my two older daughters, because they were always playing tug-of-war with the older, larger iPad and phone sized Touch we have.

These iPads are typical Apple quality and design, which is top notch. I even had my two daughters unbox them, so they could enjoy and appreciate the always great, Apple packaging.

I won't buy anything else but Apple Manufacturer Color: In addition to being a great way to price your iPad, eBay is perhaps the easiest way to sell your iPad outside of knowing a friend or family member who wants to buy it. One thing to keep in mind when selling on eBay is the price of shipping. This may not cover the complete shipping cost, but it isn't so high that it will ward people away. You will also need to decide if you want to sell the iPad for an exact price or allow people to bid on it. Many listings use the "Buy Now" option, and the advantage of setting an exact price is that you know exactly for how much the iPad will be sold.

Of course, eBay is an auction site and most people put items up for bid. This is a great way to make sure you sell it quicker, and you may be surprised at just how many people will bid on your iPad.

Deal breaker: iPad 2 doesn't support iOS 10

You can also put the iPad up as a "Buy Now" listing, and if it doesn't sell, list it again with a lower price that allows bids. The most popular alternative to eBay is Craigslist , which is essentially the classified ads section of the Internet. Craigslist can be a great way to sell items, but you do need to take certain steps to protect yourself, especially when selling electronics.

First, the price.

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You might get lucky and someone will offer you the exact amount, but oftentimes, people buying on craigslist will ask you to sell it to them for a lower price. If you've already built in a little extra breathing room in your price, it is a lot easier to give these offers a thumbs up. If the iPad doesn't sell, you can always edit the price and relist it later. Next, the exchange. Check to see if your town or city has an official eBay or item exchange location.

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These locations are usually in a police station or in the parking lot of a police station. If your city doesn't have an official eBay location, you should contact the police department and ask if you can perform the exchange in the lobby. Many police departments will allow this. If neither of these works out, you should do the exchange inside a public location. Do not sell your iPad in a parking lot. Tablets and smartphones are small enough that people can grab them and run away, and unfortunately, this does happen sometimes.

You should also plan to stay in the location after the exchange, so if it is a coffee house, plan to drink a cup of coffee after you've sold the iPad. The perfect location is a shopping mall where you can go shopping after selling the iPad. Don't want to deal with the hassle of eBay or Craigslist?

We don't blame you. It can take a lot of time and energy to put something up for sale on either of those websites and ultimately, you don't have a guarantee of making the sell. Luckily, there is a good alternative. Amazon has an electronics trade-in program that is similar to those sell-your-iPad except for two very important facts: So if you want to maximize how much cash you get and minimize the work it takes to get it, selling your iPad to Amazon is your best bet. The one drawback to Amazon's program is that it offers credit for future Amazon purchases rather than cash.

If cash is your goal, you can check out some of the other trade-in programs. It is important to erase your iPad completely and set it back to a "default factory settings" state before selling your iPad. You don't need to do this immediately, but you should do it before the actual exchange. If you are selling to a family member or friend, you may want to let them see and play around with the iPad before resetting it.