Mobile is eating the world

When we look closer see the graph below , we notice that the non-tech companies have stayed more or less in the same range while the tech companies have recorded unimaginable growth rates.

Futurology: Mobile (GAFA and AI) are eating the world - TechSpot

Apple, Google, and Microsoft jumped to the top of the list, joined by Facebook and Amazon. Amazon grew about 3, percent in the same period. We have just never seen anything close to these growth rates for this size of company and valuation. This does not mean there will be no market crash or bubble bursting; I am just saying that these companies are generating real revenue and profit just like the old top 5 companies, even though their services are often intangible. And we are just in the middle of the revolution.

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The next waves of automation and applications that are the result of what technology has achieved so far are around the corner. Transportation is about to be revolutionized with self-driving cars. The construction industry is next with houses built faster, better, and at lower cost. Inside homes we are going to see connected and smart equipment everywhere.

Smartphones Are Eating the World

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Smartphones have created a bridge between two previously separate industries—wireless networks and personal computing. As can be seen above, the wireless telephone business is large compared to personal computing. PCs still represent a majority of personal computing devices in use globally.


But not for long. As smartphone and tablet sales increase rapidly, they are replacing PCs and Microsoft Windows as the dominant personal-computing paradigm.

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At right are the number of PCs, tablets, smartphones, and all mobile phone handsets in use, as well as the number of each sold in As can be seen, two-thirds of the mobile phone market has yet to convert to smartphones. Close to a billion smartphones will be sold in , while PC sales will gradually decline. Smartphones have greatly increased the profitability of the mobile phone handset business.

Smartphones, tablets, and wireless data plans are already a trillion-dollar business.

Rise of the learning machines

The search company is developing a computer in a pair of glasses. But why would anyone wear them? Apple and Samsung, beware. Practically anyone can make a smartphone these days.

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