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Fossil Sport review: The best Wear OS watch, not the best fitness watch. Finally, the Fossil Sport comes in two sizes 41mm and 43mm and you can choose from six different colors. Be warned: Not many Wear OS devices are that durable — especially at this price point. A few things to keep in mind before you buy: Also, we would have put the TicWatch E2 on our list, but we actually came away a tad underwhelmed by it.

Like the first Falster watch, the Falster 2 has a minimal and light design that just looks good on your wrist. In our review, we encountered some laggy software, but the company has plans to update the watch which will hopefully address those issues. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation!

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The smartwatch that tries to do it all Most of the watches are all quite similar in software and hardware, making design preferences the biggest factor. Updates Jan. Buy now from Amazon. Buy from Fossil. Editor's Pick. There's also a rose gold metal bracelet strap or one that mixes rose gold with a bold navy color.

Women who are less into trendy colors can obviously go for the more traditional finishes like the silver and gold. If you don't like any of the included straps, Fossil and other brands sell dozens of 18mm watch straps you can choose instead to really make the Q Venture your own.

It's a chunky watch in comparison to the Apple Watch, which is great for women who like bigger watches. Even though it's stylish, this smartwatch is also waterproof up to 3 ATM, so you can swim with it on. As for the tech inside, the Q Venture won't let you down. You can answer texts, interact with notifications, and choose your own watch face — just like you would on any other smartwatch. Fossil has lots of nice watch faces in feminine colors, too. It'll work with both Android phones and the iPhone, but it's best with Android devices.

When Android Wear watches are paired to the iPhone, a lot of functions no longer work, and you're left with a pretty watch that gives you notifications. Classic watch design, stylish color options, lots of compatible watch straps, and it's compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

Fossil shows up twice on this list for a reason — it's one of the few fashion brands and watchmakers that's making gorgeous smartwatches. It's a hefty smartwatch that feels luxurious, but it doesn't cost a couple thousand dollars a la the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch. Our guy friends just love the stainless steel casing with the chunky metal watch band, but you can choose a number of different finishes. You can get the smartwatch in dark gray, black, and silver finishes with metal or leather straps.

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The straps are interchangeable with any 22mm watch band you can buy from Fossil and others. When it comes to tech, the Q Explorist isn't the most high-end one on this list, but it runs WearOS and it's compatible with thousands of apps. You can send texts, view your notifications, and track your activity — just like you would on any smartwatch. Classic watch look, WearOS, use any 2mm watch band you like. Most smartwatches are still more unisex than specifically made for women. Even though Fossil, Skagen, and Apple make very convincing unisex watches that women can actually wear, none of them are unapologetically feminine.

The Kate Spade Scallop is fully and completely designed for women. The round metal watch casing is relatively slim, very sleek, and absolutely adorable because it has the cute little detail of scalloping around the watch face. The watch faces themselves are classic Kate Spade designs. You get a sultry winking moon face with perfectly curled lashes, calling you a leading lady; cute bubbly balloons for a digital watch face with numbers; a speeding cab that reassures you that you'll be there in a New York minute; and a daisy that loses petals as the time ticks away in a classic game of "He loves me; he loves me not.

The cute leather watch band in black or light pink and the well-made, slim metal bracelet style watch band complete the feminine look.

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It is these little touches that make this watch so fun. Like all the other Wear OS watches in our guide, you can pair it an iPhone or Android device to get apps and all your notifications. I truly love this smartwatch's design in a way I've never loved any other.

Best Android smartwatch The top Wear OS watches

Alas, it's not quite as fully featured or friendly to small wrists as the Apple Watch. Still, if those things hold no value to you, this is the watch to get. Adorable design, feminine watch faces and casing, cute straps, subtle details for fun. Smartwatches with Wear OS are often chunky devices with lots of buttons and ridges, but the Skagen Falster takes a much more traditional approach to watchmaking.

It's an attractive, eye-catching watch available with a variety of sleek and colorful bands. It should provide snappy responsiveness even with third-party apps running. And in that sense, the Skagen succeeds admirably. PCMag called the Skagen Falster "supremely attractive," and Trusted Reviews noted that despite its lack of tech-focused features, "it does look great, however, and is one of the most comfortable smartwatches available.

The screen does make up for some of the Falster's other shortcomings. Android Authority praised the fully round OLED screen as "bright, crisp, and easy to see both indoors and out. While it might not be the fanciest Wear OS watch on the market, it certainly looks like it could be.

The best Wear OS smartwatches: Android watches from Fossil, Huawei and more

The Skagen Falster sets the bar high for aesthetic appeal, and hopefully signals more watchmakers with this level of experience working their way into the Wear OS world. Beautiful design, smart band selection, very comfortable. The Ticwatch E is hard to beat when it comes to value. It cuts a few corners to make that price point work, but if you're not too concerned with high-end materials, you'll be pleased with the Ticwatch E's compromises.

Importantly, the Ticwatch E's material choice doesn't hurt its overall durability. Android Authority put it well , noting that "scuffs and dents might occur over time on this completely plastic body, [but] at least they will not be glaring flaws on the black finish. It's the only watch on our list that isn't sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It provides decent performance, even in newer and third-party apps, although Amazon reviewers noted it takes a moment to respond sometimes when bogged down. With an IP67 rating, it isn't quite capable of being fully submerged in water, but it should handle rain and sweat just fine.

It's a great choice if you're looking for a smartwatch for running or working out that you don't have to worry about too much. It also boasts decent battery life, with Android Central claiming one and a half to two days of runtime without a charge, even considering it lacks an automatic brightness adjustment. Ultimately, the Ticwatch E will impress users who don't want to spend more by not skimping on features.

It won't turn many heads, but it will keep track of your bike rides without having to worry about scratches. You're unlikely to find a watch that's much cheaper, especially one equipped with the latest version of Wear OS. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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