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Please advise any solutions Thanks! When I plugged in the regular Samsung charging cable, it works fine. Please advise any solutions Thank you! I can test it by plugging in the cable, the dock app opens, I go to Play Music app, start music, and it plays through my car speakers just fine. All hardware and settings the same, but performance is not consistent. Cables are plugged securely, phone indicates that it is charging, so there is a connection there, but audio route to car speakers is extremely fickle.

I can connect another auxiliary audio cable and get sound, so the problem seems to be in the iBolt cable. Listening to audio from my phone through the car speakers is really the only reason I bought the iBolt dock. Please help me resolve this issue. The ibolt software looks good and the other geatures like speed work great. Samsung note 2 What can I do? Is it something wrong with the cable ibolt supply with????????

Any suggestions or should I return the IBolt charging dock for my s3 phone? Any suggestions of should I return the Ibolt charging dock for my s3 phone? Whilst it is a good robust phone holder unfortunately the docking Mode doesn't seem to work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE even though it is advertised as doing so.

This is with a 2. Quite an expensive phone cradle without the DockMode Available for BlackBerry? However, I bought it from Amazon where the images used imply that the software is available for Blackberry but it is not currently available. Can anyone advise if it will be available soon? Although, if you use the long chord that comes with it, the end fits very tight, and still works. I have used the dock for about a week and truly enjoy having it. Need to remove the casing everytime I need to dock. Anyhow, I really love the product and would recommend to anyone anytime.

Maybe need to look for Otterbox Defender casing since it is the only casing mentioned in the product feature and details. Absolutely no response from iBolt. What a shame.

iBOLT Dock'n Drive app now available...

Galaxy note the 1? I now have the S4 and purchased this dock and cannot get it to work.

Samsung Galaxy S3-Car Dock-#3

It does not trigger dock mode when plugged in and the sound does not play out the external speakers. I have followed the instructions for settings on my phone and nothing changes. Please help me as I truly love this accessory but it is not worth keeping if it will not work as advertised. But when i get a phone call, it comes through the phone speakers instead of the car speakers, even though the phone is still attached to the dock. Is there a setting I can change to make the phone calls be heard through the car speakers? Seems to have started with the 1.

It worked great for a few days but now when I activate the app the screen goes black.

Turn a Cheap Samsung Galaxy S3 USB Dock to a Car/desk Trigging Media Dock

Sometimes tou see the screen fo just a milisecond then it goes blsck. I have un install the app and pulled the battery and waited 10min then rebooted the phone, reinstalled the 1. What can I do to get it to work help my? What can I do to get it to work. I really liked the app when it worked. I have the latest version for my phone as well. I am not rooted, on stock software. I want to play pandora and have the dock settings set up as directed. May return if I cant get the sound going I have used the dock on both the dash and windscreen and it seems to be secure in both positions.

Tony Giddings Galaxy s3 Hatfield 18th September I spent a long time searching for a dock that would fit the S3 and power it without it being a 'one dock fits lots of phones' cradle. This dock is well made and the phone slides in nicely. I also like the fact that the power is on a cable from the back of the dock and that there is no stress applied to the USB socket. However, it does mean you have to perform two connection actions, i.

Put phone in cradle and lock it in place 2. Only the absurdly lazy would complain about this. I am exceptionally happy with this cradle and it was worth every penny.

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Samsung S3 5th September Why Buy? Hold your phone safely and legally in your car Works in conjunction with the iBolt Dock'n Drive app Features a ball joint for multiple positions and angles Adjustable holder is compatible with case fitted S3s Includes a secure windscreen mount mechanism.

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Description Hold your phone safely and legally in your car The iBOLT vehicle dock allows you to listen to music and charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst it's in your car. A single cable for charging your phone and listening to your music The iBOLT includes a cable which allows you to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 whilst listening to your music at the same time. Adjustable holder is compatible with case fitted S3s The vehicle dock also includes spring loaded adjustable grips which gently squeeze to the right width of the Galaxy S3. Includes a secure windscreen mount mechanism At the base of the vehicle dock a secure suction cap mechanism will keep the phone fixed to the windscreen with no problems, ensuring the phone will not fall out when going around corners.

DHL Global Mail: For partially in-stock orders you pay for delivery only once. Returns information Buy with confidence. Once done with syncing the phone and car, you can also select an option to allow the car speakers to be used to give you feedback.

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This also allows users to use their car speakers to listen to music stored on their phones. Just ensure to turn on the radio on the car when doing the registration the first time. To allow the phone to automatically find the phone when in range, just follow these steps:. The phone will now be forced to run in Car Mode everytime it detects your car within its Bluetooth range. To fully optimize the offerings of Car Mode, you must start by setting up its voice commands.

Car Mode does not substitute common sense driving so we recommend that you have to check every direction with a pinch of salt. Digital navigation has come a long way today but the system is not perfect and may give out inaccurate information from time to time. Always prioritize what is before you or pull off the highway to get your bearings when you are disoriented.

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